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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Spice it Up Challenge

How old are the spices in your pantry? If you have little tin cans they are at least 15 years old. McCormick has a handy device to test your spice's age. Dry spices are only fresh for 2-3 years. Got old spices? Well, dump 'em and get crafty.
The challenge:

1. leave a comment here telling me you want to play.
2. put the Spice it Up blinkie on your blog. (I'm still working on the hyperlink)
3. make something out of your old spice tin or jar.
4. upload it to your blog by February 23rd.

All entries will be judged by an unbiased panel. One winner will recieve the Love book I shared yesterday.
Winner will be announced on my blog on March 1st. I'll also post all the other entries for everyone to be inspired by. If you don't have old spices (good for you), then I can send you one of my tins. I have 5 up for grabs. Email me your address please.


Mrs. Fence said...

Sounds fun. I'm on my way up to the pantry!

Far North said...

Oh Heather how did you know I was going to clean and reorganize my spices this weekend. Your challenge sounds like way too much fun..I'm in!!!

Anonymous said...

OH NO...I'm already clean in the spice department...what a great idea though, Heather!

However...........will keep eyes peeled for containers to alter.

Cathrine said...

Can I include my mustard jar? It was hot honey mustard - kinda spicy LOL!

Hey - your blog looks great - I'm so far behind in blog hopping I haven't been here in a while.

christie said...

Here is mine:

Far North said...

I'm back at the last hour LOL!...just had too much playing!
Here is what did during my play time with a spice tin!

Thanks for the fun Heather!...Jan


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