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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Football season ends

So, my family is kinda nutty about Super Bowl. As I sit in my recliner watching a pretty horrible football game, I'm grateful for the yummy snacks and rockin' decorations.

Super Bowl Decorations
I make team pennants every year. I started off making the two teams that were playing in the Super Bowl but after the gazillionth time the Giants made it to the Bowl, I started just making other NFL teams.

This year I made the Broncos, Browns, and Chiefs.

I also have the football field pennants. Tutorial here.

I also have my football felt coasters. Maybe someday I'll inflate my vintage football.

Even the top of the piano gets some love. I adore the referee plates.

The Food
Since the game is played in New Jersey this year, our food theme is Jersey shore aka boardwalk food.
Tomato pie.

Popcorn (I make it on the stove with olive and coconut oil.)

Taffy and cotton candy (actually it's cotton candy taffy.)


Chips and salsa with cream cheese (this is more of a Grow family thing.)

And, orange and blue jell-0 jiggler helmets.

My mum's friend asked what she could bring to the party so I sent her a link to Martha and her chocolately pretzel peanut cookie bars.
Oh, and lemonade served in Mason jars which originated in New Jersey.
Okay, I need to get back to the game. Have a great day. Go team!


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