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Monday, September 28, 2009

Under the Sea Party

We do parties pretty big at the Grow house. This last week was my niece's 8th birthday. Most of the stuff we did ourselves but the cake was from Baskin Robbins. We added the sea life candles from Oriental Trading. Let's hit the food table first.No Grow party is complete without Krispie Pops. This year I did an aquarium and clownfish. I made a chex mix with goldfish and oyster crackers.
Fruit plate with cute fish toothpicks.My sister saw these clam cookies somewhere and recreated them. The pearls/eyes are yogurt raisins.Silly games are always part of our festivities. My sister painted a dog cone to look like a shark. The game is called "feeding frenzy. The kids have to throw shark bait at the shark. One party goer loved the shark cone so much that she ate her cake with it on. We also had an obstacle course that was completed wearing goggles and flippers. The kids collected "pearls" in their bucket along the course.In a kiddie pool, the kids did a dolphin ring toss and a fishing game. . Now, some decor pics. Here are 3 partygoers on a beach towel in front of the kiddie pool and very large banner that my sister made using poster paper and fish cut outs. My niece pulled out all of her ocean books and stuffies to decorate my piano.
The patio was decorated like an aquarium with hanging fish, balloons and metallic streamers.

Lastly, this is the front of the invitation. My sister designs and makes them herself every year. Not pictured: the dolphin pinata, goodie bags and my niece in her mermaid costume. Also, the swedish fish and gummie sharks were gone before I could take a picture of them.


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