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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Minnie Mouse Party For Grown Ups

No one represents fun and youthfulness like Minnie Mouse. I spent the day with her and her friends at Disneyland and then had a Minnie Mouse birthday party at home.

I made tissue puffs, Martha Stewart style to hang over our food table.  The red, white, and polka dot tissue paper are from Target. I sewed a couple easy table runners from black and white and red and white polka dot fabrics all from Joann. Then I made a matching bunting to hang beneath the puffs.

I served red, black and white food. I found the Mickey Mouse bowls at Target.

 Fresh strawberries, red suckers, huge black olives, cherry tomatoes, and mozzarella balls.

For our main dish we had Minnie Mouse bows with Puttanesca sauce and garlic bread.

We had black and white cake aka Nabisco Famous Chocolate Refrigerator Roll. I found the Mickey and Minnie figures at the Dollar Tree.

The cake is wonderful alone but the strawberries fit with our color theme. I've also made a chocolate version.

We had water from a clear pitcher with ice and frozen cherries. I also had red and black licorice on the table. Yum!

I found some cute red and white polka dot napkins at Target too. And, of course, now that my party is over I'm finding all kinds of Mickey and Minnie stuff. Sigh.

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I'm playing along at Tip Junkie handmade projects

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super Bowl Open House

Super Bowl Sunday is a special day for our family. It's a party with a lot of food, some fun commercials, family time, and oh yah, there's is a sporting event on the tv.

The food theme is different every year (sometimes inspired by the teams that are playing or the venue) and we add to our decorations every year. Here's this years' rundown.

The Decorations

I made 3 more team pennants. I've made almost 20 now. Welcome Bengals, Dolphins, and Cowboys.

The football field banner is decorating our kitchen window.

The usual football field platters, football plates and bowls, felt football coasters, as well as our football cheese spreader and bottle opener all make a comeback this year.

The Food

Specially brewed rootbeer (regular and diet) from Brew Bakers in Huntington Beach.

Giant Football Calzone. I used storebought pizza dough and filled with pizza sauce, lots of cheese and veggies. We also had a ziti pasta with the same sauce.

Pretzel Sticks from Brewbakers with homemade marinara sauce (leftover from the calzone). We also keep chips and veggies around for snacking.

 Knock-You-Naked Brownies from Pioneer Woman's Recipe.

Peanut M & Ms.

 Jell-O Jigglers Helmets in sugar-free lemon and strawberry banana.

The Entertainment

We are playing Bingo during the game this year. I found these fun Super Bowl bingo cards online from Parade Magazine

and of course a lot of cool commercials. :)

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