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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

There's No Place Like Home

I haven't done much crafting lately except for plastic lollipops, silk flower bouquets and other props for our church production of the Wizard of Oz. My niece is a munchin, my sister is painting scenery, my mum is a director, and I'm the stage manager and prop master. I also get to operate the 8 foot tall Wizard who comes complete with beaming yellow eyes, smoking nose, and moving mouth.

And, I also helped design our publicity. Here is our poster:
If you are in the OC area this weekend or next, come see our show. To get tickets, send an email to: I think the Saturdays are almost sold out so you might want to hurry.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Open House

Continuing with my tradition of posting a holiday tour with pictures from around my home, here are some pictures showing Easter at my house. First up, I made hot cross buns on Good Friday. We made bunnies out of plastic grocery bags at work this week. I found the fun idea on the makeandtakes blog.

Here are a couple pictures from my front yard. The geraniums are around all year. The pink flowers come up every spring.

Now, we'll go inside my house, starting with the wreath on my front door (it's store bought.)

My niece made a whole series of wooden block decorations in Kindergarten. There's one for every holiday.

Here are a few pictures from my kitchen. We have three cupboards with glass doors. They each get decorated along with the shelf above the kitchen sink window. And, the egg garland I made this year goes above the windows that look into the front yard.

And, finally, these are the eggs my niece and I dyed today. I displayed them in a wooden egg holder I found at an estate sale.

Thanks for stopping by. Happy Easter!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I've been crazy for bunting lately. After I made the heart one and hung it in my mum's kitchen, she fell in love with it and asked me to make her a banner for every big holiday. So, here is the Easter bunting.

I designed the shape and used all types of mismatched fabrics that I had. Some were scraps leftover from the baby buntings. Others were from old sheets. Most were from fabric sample cards that I bought from a flea market at the fabric store.

I made this one the same way I made the heart one. I zig zagged the front piece to a piece of white felt, used my scalloping scissors on the edge and attached all the eggs with double fold bias tape.

The next holiday banner will be for the 4th of July. I have some really great fabrics already picked out, including a vintage bicentenial fabric.
Thanks for stopping by and Happy Easter.


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