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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

American Flag Collage

We are very patriotic at the Grow Home. Maybe you've seen how we decorate around here for the 4th of July here or here. This year my sister completed our newest American decoration.

It's a 40" x 30" collage made up of 50 stars made from items like seashells, dominos, and buttons on a blue sea of ribbon, cutlery, and paper, 13 stripes of torn patterned paper with silk flowers, beads, dice, Christmas ornaments, game pieces and more.

My mum wrote a fun little I Spy game to go with our custom collage. You can enlarge the above picture or look at the smaller photos to see details and play along.

I Spy 4th of July

I spy a mouse, a rabbit, a hog

an elephant pin and a print of a dog

I spy a knife, a spoon and three more

2 pencils, a sword and two closed yellow doors

I spy the queen, her guard and a bus

a bridge and a crown of silver for us

I spy santa, 2 stockings, and a present that’s blue,

An ornament, a tree and a gift bag for you

I spy a strawberry, and a measure for heat

a Band-Aid, a lion and 2 shoes for your feet

I spy a crab, a pepper, a button shell

cotton candy and a blue devil from hell

white stars against a blue night sky

bottom left

top right

bottom right

Let me know if you play along. For more fun I Spy fun, check out this website.


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