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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween Open House

We really go all out for Halloween at my house. Last year I was in Wales for Halloween so it's fun to be back in the U.S. where we love Halloween.

Lets start outside and then work our way in.
Hi, I'm Ghostie and I will be your guide. Beware of posers. There is only one Ghostie around here.
The windows have either orange lights or spider lights. Spooky.

This sign used to say, "Welcome to the crows nest:" but the Grows changed the C to a G. They are so clever.
Even the car is not immune to Halloween decor. This is the Jack antennae ball on Heather's sister's car.  
Spidey greets our guests. Lets go inside.

Charlie Brown and Lucy are our favorite indoor decorations.

The decorations have been collected over the years. Many have been crafted by Heather and her sister.

Halloween is the beginning of pumpkin pie season. Heather's mum roasts pumpkins to make the pies from scratch.

 I hope that you have enjoyed your tour of the Grow Halloween home. Thanks for stopping by.


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