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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Welcome December

It's all about the advent around here. My mum put out her beautiful advent calendar today. Every morning the niece opens a door to find a piece of the nativity and a treat.
The niece opening the first door this morning. She found an angel and a chocolate.

This is what it will look like on Christmas Eve.
And, we started a new tradition this year. Dana from Made posted about wrapping up 25 Christmas books and having her kids open one every day until Christmas. So, I raided my mum and sister's bookshelves and found 25 Christmas-themed books for my niece to read.
Some are fun

 Some have a good message

And some tell the true story of Christmas

I have a few favorites
 I wrapped them up and put sticky letters and numbers on them.
 Every day the niece will choose a book to read. I'll let her choose if she wants to start with 1 (the calendar day) or 25 to count down to Christmas.

Some are a little long so I put a shorter book the following day so the niece could finish the previous book. I tried to alternate the fun with the more faith-building so there is a good mix. The niece loves to read and open presents so I think she will enjoy this.

Thanks for stopping by today. If you have time, stop by my other blog, The Vintage Sheet Blog, I'm doing a little gift guide and giveaway link up party.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Vintage Sheet Love

Exciting news: I'm the new leader at the Vintage Sheet Blog! I've been a follower of the blog for a long time now so when I found out that Jen was moving on to pursue other things, I immediately raised my hand and sent her my ideas.

It's been a busy but fun project. But, I love vintage sheets as seen on these projects posted here on this blog:
Owl Bags
Pink Bunting
Green Bunting
I also have an Etsy store filled with vintage sheet fabrics pieces and pillowcases.

It will be fun juggling two blogs but I have a plan. We Grow By Own Dreams will still have recipes, holiday decorating, papercrafting, and non-vintage sheet sewing projects as well as the occassional random post. The Vintage Sheet Blog will have my projects and tutorials made with vintage sheets as well as link parties and other vintages sheet fun.

So, stay tuned because I still have a coule recipe tutorials as well as Harry Potter party details to post about here, on We Grow By Our Dreams. Thanks for stopping by today.


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