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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Welcome December

It's all about the advent around here. My mum put out her beautiful advent calendar today. Every morning the niece opens a door to find a piece of the nativity and a treat.
The niece opening the first door this morning. She found an angel and a chocolate.

This is what it will look like on Christmas Eve.
And, we started a new tradition this year. Dana from Made posted about wrapping up 25 Christmas books and having her kids open one every day until Christmas. So, I raided my mum and sister's bookshelves and found 25 Christmas-themed books for my niece to read.
Some are fun

 Some have a good message

And some tell the true story of Christmas

I have a few favorites
 I wrapped them up and put sticky letters and numbers on them.
 Every day the niece will choose a book to read. I'll let her choose if she wants to start with 1 (the calendar day) or 25 to count down to Christmas.

Some are a little long so I put a shorter book the following day so the niece could finish the previous book. I tried to alternate the fun with the more faith-building so there is a good mix. The niece loves to read and open presents so I think she will enjoy this.

Thanks for stopping by today. If you have time, stop by my other blog, The Vintage Sheet Blog, I'm doing a little gift guide and giveaway link up party.

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Morland Brawner said...

I did this, last Christmas too! Loved it!


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