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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Grow Garden 2009

This is our garden this year.

These are going to be yellow pear-shaped cherry tomatoes. I planted 4 other kinds of tomatoes too.
These are chili peppers we planted last year that grew back. There are 3 plants with different kinds of peppers (one is called chocolate pepper.)
We planted green onions outside of the garden to keep the critters away.
These are eggplants from the plant we planted last year. They also survived.
Here is a small cuke. I planted one cucumber plant and it has gone crazy along with the 4 zucchini plants.

This time last year I had a major critter problem in my garden. So far we've been lucky (knock on wood.) I buy most of my plants from Rogers Gardens in Corona Del Mar, Newport Beach. They sell lots of heirloom plants that do well by the beach. And, if you love gardens, gourmet food and art you should visit this place. It's amazing, especially at Christmastime.


Aaron & Ashley Gilbert said...

Your garden is super! I think I may start a small one on our Apartment porch. I have a friend who is doing it, and it is working out nicely for her. :)

Thanh said...

Lovely garden, Heather. Sometimes I wish I had more of a green thumb.

Mrs. Fence said...

I love your garden, Heather! I didn't plant anything this year...we had so much rain for so long, it wouldn't have lasted anyway. Thanks for sharing yours! smiles

Michelle said...

fantastic garden! I love Rogers Garden too! that place is amazing all year!

Anonymous said...

The garden is beautiful....
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