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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Cherry Tea Party

I love throwing parties. When I heard that my dear friend Danielle was dreaming of having a tea party similar to one she attended with loved ones a year ago when she lived on the East Coast, I knew that I wanted to recreate a version of that for her. And, because Danielle is bravely fighting stage 4 breast cancer, we also used the party as a means to raise awareness and money for her treatments.
Danielle and me
The theme I chose is Cherry Tea. I love the way it sounds like charity which is defined as the pure love of Christ. Danielle is full of that love. I  took a little creative license and changed up the scripture 1 Corinthians 8:1 which says in part, "charity edifieth" to "Cherry Tea edifieth." This was on our invites, little picks, and thank you notes. Danielle's friend Kathy designed them beautifully. On the back of each pick (shown standing in a See's chocolate) is an uplifting quote or a breast cancer fact.

The menu was somewhat traditional English tea which included:
  • Scones with whipped cream, butter and jams
  • A selection of herbal teas (coconut chocolate was very popular)
  • Cucumber, tuna and egg sandwiches
  • Cookies, lemon tarts, chocolate-dipped cherries and mini cheesecakes

 I made two party buntings: one for our hostess, Suzanne and one for our guest of honor, Danielle to keep.
The table was decorated with very colorful Fiestaware teacups and saucers as well as fun spring teapots and nick knacks.
We had three tea times to accommodate the most guests. It was nice because it kept the groups small so we could visit more. The noon tea time had three little girls. They were adorable.
the niece and her  friend using their manners
Our hostess, Suzanne with two happy guests
Unfortunately I didn't get pictures of all the guests. I was busy refilling teacups. :)
Janet, the other co-hostess with our friend Susan and my mum
It was a fun and successful event. Danielle's sister is planning on throwing an East Coast version of the Cherry Tea party.

Thank you for visiting my blog today. I  have more tea pics coming up from the Growgirls royal middle-of-the-night bash.

If you want to learn more about Danielle and her fight with breast cancer or to make a donation for her treatments, go to . Thanks so much.

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