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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Countdown to the Super Bowl

Every year for several years I've made felt pennants to represent the 2 teams playing in the Super Bowl (the biggest American football game of the year.) Since I've already made NY Giants and NE Patriot pennants, I decided to make pennants for the other 2 teams playing in the playoffs today. So, On the top right is my Green Bay Packers (shout out to Kim), on the left is the San Diego Chargers (shout out to Julie.) Last year my niece started to get in on the action and she makes her own version with my felt scraps. My favorite is the middle one that has the Chargers lightning bolt with a backwards Green Bay G on top.


Anonymous said...

Hooray! I love it! I am sad we lost though. I wish we could ha ve gone all the way to the bowl. Oh year. (I hope Green Bay KILLS the Giants!-I'm not bitter.)

Kim H. said...

They are all great! I love your niece work! To bad neither Julie or my Team are going to the super bowl :(

Sandra Evertson said...

These are Terrific!
Sandra Evertson

Rochelle W said...

Very cool.


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