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Friday, March 21, 2008

Easter Bunny Krispie Pops

My bunnies look a little sad. Oh well, they looked really cute after I packaged them. I took clear gloves that we use when we pass out snack to the kids at work, tucked all but 2 fingers behind the pop and let the 2 fingers stick up (like ears) and I tied a ribbon around the stick.

I went running on the beach yesterday and there were a ton of shells. Like you could just scoop them up in your hands. My niece went later in the afternoon and collected these. There are a few pieces of beach glass and rocks in there too. She sorted them herself so I had to take a picture.


Kim H. said...

Those bunnies look hungry- but I always eat the ears first- where are the ears?

Oh what big scores are the beach! Love the sea glass and the shells! Sam would be in heaven!

pescbrico said...

Your niece most have been proud of herself! Love the bunnies

Rina said...

Love your krispie Pops:)
Cute bunnies!

...and How wonderful your niece's collections of seashells are!!

Alison Gibbs said...

I think those bunnies are sad cos they know they are going to be gone real soon. Yummy

Anonymous said...

Delicious treats!

Beach glass- SCORE...tell your neice everything looks fantastic!

Michelle said...

we are just going to drizzle our cispie pops with icing and sprinkles. Your bunnies are cute though!

Love the sea side finds~

Happy Easter!


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