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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Easter Eggs, Stamper Style

As I was dying eggs with my niece, I kept wondering how I could "take it up a notch." Of course we did the crayon resist method (see bottom of pink egg), the 2 tone method (egg on far left) and we even did the 3 tone method. Then, with only a handful of eggs left, I got out my acrylic stamps and started stamping on eggs. I used Studio G Easter stamps and a monkey from Jessica Lynn Originals with Stamps By Judith black dye ink.

The whole time I was trying to photograph the eggs, Moses kept walking by. So, I finally asked him to sit and pose. The thing is, when he sits, he also shakes hands. Thats's why you see my thumb.
Happy Easter from Moses and me.


Kim H. said...

awwww what a sweet boy! Love the eggs! Dying Easter eggs is so fun!

Anonymous said...

Happy Easter!!! =) (Too cute!)

Robyn said...

Those look wonderful!!! Can you believe that we didn't even color Easter Eggs this year?? We were on vacation until last night and didn't have a chance to do it today. Would it be wrong to color them a day after Easter??

Kara Ward said...

Moses can come live at my house any time. What a doll! Kara

Thanh said...

Awwwwwwwwww Hi Moses!!! I want to come shake his hand too.

Tami Bayer said...

So glad moses had to be in the pic. He's a beautiful dog. Love the stamped eggs...very cool.

JessicaLynn said...

LOL!!! You stamped the Eggs!! I LOVE IT!! I noticed the JLO monkey on there too!!

Thank you that made me smile today!!

Jessica Lynn


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