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Friday, March 7, 2008

Easter Chick Krispie Pop

Isn't he cute? He's my newest Krispie Pop design. (Click here for my tutorial.) I'm including a Krispie Pop with every Grow Home Etsy shop purchase. I think it will be a fun surprise.
Also, don't forget about blog candy.


JenMarie said...

My fav is al on a swing. stab in the dark here and say it's your fav too!! Thanks for the chance!!

Rina said...

I love your Krispie Pop!
This one is the cutest!!

Denise... said... cute. Very creative.

Ethel Amutan said...

Holy cow! How totally cute!!!!!! If I had taste-a-vision, I would bite into my computer screen right now. This is so much fun, Heather!

Eleanor said...

Sweet! I love rice krispie snacks!

aschlee said...

Hah oh my that's soo cute. You can't eat something like that though, it's just too adorable.

Kim H. said...

OMG that is so dang cute! It looks really yummy too!

Michelle said...

This is very cute! Thanks for the reminder! I think I'll try it with tinted coconut too!


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