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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Pretty In Pink Baby Shower

My bff Dawn is expecting her first girl. Sooooo, we had to throw her a Pretty in Pink Shower. It was a little '80, lots of fun and tons of pink! I have lots of pictures to share. Enjoy our party (que music- duhhhhh, duh duh duh-da duhhh)

In lieu of a guestbook, guests signed a pink labeled record.

Pink was everywhere: the food, the decorations, the guests. I sewed the pink bunting to use at the party and to hang over the baby's crib later.

The ladies enjoyed the pink frothy yummy punch. It's just pink sherbert and 7-Up.

There was a lot of controversy over whether the artichoke dip should be served cold or warm. Warm won in the end.

 We had a very pink spread complete with:

Fresh strawberries and homemade pink fruit dip (it's super yummy!)

Of coarse we had Sweetheart S'mores. The dark chocolate cookies remind me of records.

And, yummy Costco chocolate cake. Mmmmm.


The mom-to-be was showered with pink presents. At the end of the party, it was like a mini high school reunion for several of us. We took a Pretty in Pink picture.

Guests left with a little goodie bag, complete with an edible mixed tape. We ate several of the tapes the night before when we were up at midnight making party favors. Yummy!

We had such a fun time. You can tell that the by the look on this mama's face.

Thanks for stopping by We Grow By Our Dreams. :) What's your favorite '80s movie? I have lots of other fun ideas and tutorials at my other blog, The Vintage Sheet Blog.


Anonymous said...

Heather, you rock!! Thank you for all you did for my shower! It was beautiful, delcious, girly, and perfectly pretty in pink! :-)

zerry ht said...

Super adorable pink shower party!! Totally loved these photographs! Well, my sister is going to host a baby shower party and she wants me to arrange beautiful party venue. It will be quite helpful for me if you can suggest outdoor Chicago event venues!


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