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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Open House

Spring is so fun! I have a few photos from around the house to share with you and some stories to go with them. Enjoy!

We'll start with two of my new finds. I found these vintage fabric-covered plastic eggs at an estate sale a few weeks ago. Each egg has a different fabric and there are 3 different sizes. I found the wire bunny egg holder at the Assistance League Thrift Shop this year. I love the combo.
Here we have two versions of a similar chocolate bunny. The first guy is faux chocolate. The second can be filled with any kind of candy. We used sparkly jelly beans.

This is the egg garland that I made last year with fabric scraps and vintage pillowcases. Our Easter count down bunny is in the middle. He counts down the days with numbers on carrots.
As long as we are peaking out the front window, here are some flowers in the front yard.
We are very lazy gardeners at my house. My neighbors asked if we had garden faeries that come in the night because they never see us gardening and we always have gorgeous flowers. Ha ha ha.

Up next, my sister and I found this spring plate at a different estate sale. Actually, it was buried in the garage of all places. I love the texture of the flowers.
We love to decorate the coffee table. At the same estate sale as the plate (also in the garage), we found the purple pitcher. It is filled with plastic eggs. The little basket holds the eggs we hide for my niece every year in our front yard.

This is another thrift store find. This bunny sits on the divider between the kitchen and dining room. I love strawberries for Easter.
One of my favorite Easter memories as a child was going to my cousins' house for spring break. We would always make lemon cupcakes with green coconut and jellybeans with pipe cleaner handles to resemble Easter baskets. The niece and I re-created them this year.
We aren't Greek but wish we had Greek relatives to teach us how to cook Greek food. A few years back I bought this beautiful cookbook. It is filled with gorgeous pictures of not only the food but of the people and landscape of Greece. We will be having a Greek-style feast for Easter this year.
And, lastly for our tour, our Crown of Thorns plant. This was given to my niece at church this year to remind her of the true meaning of Easter. She was told that this is what the Roman Soldiers used to make the crown of thorns for Jesus to wear during his crucifixion.
Thank you so much for visiting We Grow By Our Dreams for an Easter Open House. I hope that you have a wonderful Easter. I will be conducting a choir of young women ages 12-18 for one song tomorrow at church.


lakeslady said...

Everything looks absolutely lovely Heather. I enjoyed taking a peek at your Easter decorations

maxiesmom said...

So pretty, my dogs would think those eggs on the table are toys for them. Your flowers are lovely as well.

Dee in N.H. said...

I'm a bit late to the party but really enjoyed the look at your traditions. TFS!


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