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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Wonderful Sunday

I broke away from my standard breakfast (Greek yogurt with chopped walnuts and honey) to make something special for the fam- chocolate croissants and fruit salad. 
Before you get too impressed, the croissants are Trader Joes. You let them rise overnight and then brush them with a beaten egg and then bake them in the morning. And, the fruit salad is just a bunch of fruit I found in the fridge and on the counter that we already had. But, it was yummy!

So, why all the fuss today? Well, it's General Conference weekend which means we get to hang out in our jammies and watch our church leaders give very inspirational messages.  My favorite today was from Richard G. Scott. He spoke lovingly about his wife who has passed on. Kleenex alert!
There were several talks about giving service to our community which I found very poinant. And, there were a few reminders that I need to go here again soon.
I hope that you had a wonderful Sunday too. :)

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