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Monday, August 20, 2007

Corn, Kidnappings, and Catching Up

Here are some fun pictures of my weekend shopping excursion. Picture 1: This is the tent sale at Stampington in Laguna Beach.

Picture 2: This is Julie on the phone with Kim. Julie, Tami and I were Kim's personal shoppers for the sale.

Photo 3 is just some of the hundreds of back issues for sale.

Photo 4 is some of the stamps for sale. That's Tami is the green contemplating.

I got out of there with one stamp and one magazine. Then, Julie kidnapped us and took us on a tour around her town. And, we got to see the Luggage Shack which was so cool in person. I rarely get excited about a trip to Michaels but Julie's M's was having a 90% off the clearance price sale. OMG. I bought 3 bags of stuff for $6! We also made a trip to Tall Mouse Crafts and my favorite California Chinese: Pick up Stix.

From there I headed to our church beach party aka "The Corn Roast". I ate 3 ears! It was awesome. They cook the corn in the beach water on the fire pit. Then you dunk it in melted butter and top with whatever. I had one with parmasan cheese. Yum!

Now, I'm catching up after being offline for 2 days. Beep Verizon!


pescbrico said...

I'm almost jalous of you there!!! Seems great!!

Kim said...

OMG you are all so darn cute! Thanks for shopping for me :)
Glad you are back on-line, I missed you!

Julie said...

note to

Ok- that CORN sounds DELICIOUS!!! I am drooling!!!

Jennifer said...

You all had such a great day. Thanks for sharing your fun adventures!

Tami said...

It was such a fun day! Now, why didn't we go with you to the beach thing. The corn sounds amazing. Glad you are enjoying the mags :)

BrigitteS said...

OMG !! i think i would have gone mad to see all those stamps everywhere !!!!

Soon Han said...

Wow what a bunch of stamps laying there.
I bet it was so awesome.
I've come this far back to read your block,its a nice blog


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