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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Blessed Day

I've had a pretty cloudy week but some sunshine came today. First, there was a fun delivery: An Edible Bouquet. It was a gift from my mum's work. Yum yum. The strawberries were naked and chocolate covered and the other fruit was super juicy and fresh. Then, the mail came. I got my June recipes from the Recipea swap. All 20 were fabulous (as usual) and the hostess, Lisa, sent some super fun ribbon from Hobby Lobby (or, as I call it, Heaven On Earth) as a gift for taking her around town when she came out here from Colorado a couple weeks ago. Super sweet. Then, I opened my prize from Alicia for being a runner up in her blog candy contest. I got 3 great stamps. 2 baby stamps and a birthday stamp. Super fun.


Julie said...

That bouquet looks muy delicious!

Tandra said...

WOW!! Tons-o-Goodies!!! Id like some of that fruit right now! Yummi!
You have a great blog!! Thanks fo rcommenting on mine!! Where in OC are you> Im in Mission Viejo!

Tandra said...

Hi again! I usually do Sundays since I have 2 girls that come from No. Hollywood, and Acton, about 2 hr drive 1 way! Its my Sis in law and her mom!! I want to get a group together for another day, but between my husband schedule, mine, daughters and the group, I need at least 4 more days in a week to choose form!! LOL jeezzzz....Ill let you know anyway if I dont do a sunday!! Thanks!

Suzi said...

Sounds like a great day. Love cool stuff in the mail & that bouquet looks fabulous!

Tami said...

That is the most wonderful bouquet I've ever seen! Love the goodies too.


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