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Monday, February 11, 2008

Dog Lover Post

I had a couple of fun dates this weekend with my dogs. First, I took Paris to Petco for a Valentine's party. We "frosted" a dog cookie with peanut butter and sprinkles and got our picture taken.

Then, I took Moses to the Moe Toys for the dog toy warehouse sale. We had fun except Moses got car sick on the way home.

Okay fellow dog lovers, please post a comment below with a favorite dog memory. I'll do a random draw on Friday and will send two posters a homemade goodie (no, it's not edible).


Kim H. said...

awww what a sweet photo of you and your doggie! I think my favorite memories is the little of puppies Callie and Calvin had!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your very kind comment on my blog!

GREAT picture!


Anonymous said...

What a fun day! One time I took Ichiro to 3 Dog Bakery in Newport..THIS is what he looked like when I showed him the "pupcake" I bought for him. I Love this picture!

Jennifer said...

Oh Heather! What a cute photo and what a fun time you had.

Golly, how does one pick a favorite memory? I do know that I'll never forget the time in class when instead of being stacked and letting the judge check his conformation, Gabe layed down on the floor, rolled onto his back, splaying his legs and telling the world what he was endowed with. I'm not sure the judge was amused or not but I couldn't help but laugh.

Jennifer :)

Debbie said...

We used to have a big fluffy black dog named Bear. One Memorial Day weekend, John and I decided (on a whim) to go camping. Bear loved to go camping. So we packed up the Honda and headed out. Of course all campgrounds were full. It was Memorial Day weekend after all! Our last stop was somewhere out by Buckman Springs, so we let Bear out to pee. He thought we were staying, and he didn't want to get back in the car. So as we're all headed home, in the dark, I can see Bear's head leaning on the window frame looking out the window with those sad eyes. Next thing I hear is a great big dog sigh. He must've thought we were so weird to pack up the car and drive around for 5 hours and then go back home! Poor Bear.

krittertrey said...

One of special memories when my daughter was a baby our yellow lab was sleeping on her side and we put our daughter on her back with her head on the dogs belly and the dog just stayed there. I had to take a pic-it was sooooo sweet. Traci

christie said...

Sounds like you are your doggies had a good time! My fav. doggie moment was when we were on vacation. My dog doesn't like a bath,doesn't like the swimming pool and won't go outside when it's raining. Well we went to this place called Rocky Falls, it's a big lake thing and we had to cross waist high water to get to the middle of it. I figured he was safe since he doens't like the water. I was wrong. He decided he wanted to go to the other side and off, off and away he swam.I was shocked. LOL! DBF had to go and chase him down!


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